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We give Tillamook Jerky an A+ for its tenderness, explosive flavor, and wholesome ingredients. Give it a try today: Tillamook 10-Ounce Simply Crafted Beef Jerky, Honey Glazed

Filet Mignon Jerky?

The new Filet Mignon beef jerky by Three Jerks is melt-in-your-mouth delicious and gluten free. Don’t hesistate to try some today: Three Jerks Gluten Free High Protein Filet Mignon Beef Jerky, Original, Pack of 3

Using our easy to understand A – D system, we rank four factors important to the jerky experience:

Flavor Factor

Going beyond simple taste, we delve into what flavors we’re experiencing in every bite of the jerky we eat. Whether your favorite is sweet, spice, tangy, savory, or all of the above, the flavor factor tells you what you can expect to taste.

Texture Factor

Is the jerky dry, tough, chewy, moist, oily or soft? When we rank the texture factor, we are considering how the jerky looks and feels.

Health Factor

Ultimate Jerky Review promotes health-conscious snacking. When we rank the Health factor, we’re looking at the jerky’s ingredients and its nutrition facts. We consider things like Sodium, MSG, Calories, and Gluten Free.

Value Factor

Not all Jerky is created equally. When we buy and try jerky, we want the best deal for our dollar. We want to pass the deals we find on to you! Our goal is to find flavor packed, delicious beef jerky without spending a fortune. We consider the cost, the brand, and whether or not the jerky stands up to its advertised claims (extra tender for example).


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